On July 6, 2022, Kanawha Circuit Court Judge Joanna Tabit ruled the Hope Scholarship Act unconstitutional and issued an injunction permanently enjoining the Hope Scholarship Program. This means there is a court order preventing the State from moving forward with the Program. Unfortunately, the Hope Scholarship Board and the State Treasurer’s Office are currently prohibited from operating the Program while this injunction is in place.  Because of this court ruling, students and educational service providers may not be able to access Hope Scholarship funds for the 2022-2023 school year, even if a student’s application for the Hope Scholarship Program has already been approved.

Although the State Treasurer plans to vigorously defend the Program to the extent possible and support the State’s appeal of this ruling, the State Treasurer’s Office is currently prohibited from processing any Hope Scholarship applications or from issuing any funding to those already awarded a Hope Scholarship.

The State Treasurer’s Office is also unable to estimate the time it may take for an appeal to be ruled upon, as this is beyond the Office’s control and dependent on the outcome in West Virginia court system.

The State Treasurer firmly believes that the Hope Scholarship Program is constitutional and extremely important to the people of West Virginia and will do everything within his power to advocate for the Program.